Our Story


Kuka Collection far surpasses all others simply because we at Kuka are committed to produce only the most original and highest quality works of art.

Each piece in Kuka Collection is designed in-house by one of our skilled craftsmen and craft women. Some of our pieces are designed to express the special and personal desires of our clients. Other pieces are intented to take their place within Kuka Collection are unique and rare treasures. Over time, what is rare and beautiful also becomes valuable. Our commitment to creating unique, beautiful and lasting works of art for our clients and Kuka Collection is demonstrated by the simple fact that Kuka invests more of its resources in the design of its pieces than in any other phase of its business.

What do you or your organization desire in the piece that Kuka will create for you? Do you wish to be long remembered by family, friends or associates? Do you want to give a valuable gift valuable gift to a special person or reward his or her efforts? Do you want to mark a date or occasion as special for all time? Our specially trained team of designers and craftspeople will work with you to produce exactly the right piece to achieve your goals and desires. As creators and custodians of art, we at Kuka have a special obligation to protect the pieces our artists create as well as the artists who create them. And of course we must always protect you our client and the value of your piece. Part of the way in which we do this is to by legally registering each design. Additionally, each piece in a limited edition is numbered and certified by the Turkish Notary publics. Please be sure the pieces you purchase come to you with relevant certificates of authenticity.


As originality is the hallmark of each Kuka design, quality is the guiding princible in creating each Kuka piece. Over many years our craftspeopole have mastered the special skills and techniques necessary to produce flawless pieces. These skills and time proven techniques are backed up by the most rigorous quality control inspections.

Your piece is given to you along with complete instructions for handling and cleaning. You can be sure that many years from now, it will be as beautiful and fresh as the day you took it home. Our Customer Service staff are always available to answer questions about your piece.

To ensure the value of your limited edition piece, our staff maintains a strict accounting of each piece as it is created, notes and records the number and monitors totals. When the final piece in the limited edition is created, Kuka management supervises the collection of all drawings, prototypes, moulds and documents. These materials are them safely locked and secured. Kuka management so advises the Notary Publice who thereupon certifies these facts.

Because of the very strict control and certification of limited editions it is impossible for Kuka to replace a lost or damaged piece with a new one. Nor can we replace a lost certificate of authenticity. We can however undertake expert restorations using the materials and techniques unique to Kuka. All such repairs are guaranteed.

Kuka Collection pieces other than limited edition works of art can be replaced and because of our exceptionally high quality control standards, an exact match to the original is guaranteed.